November 18, 2011 - 13:59 AMT
ARFD opposes state budget draft, supports amendments to tax package

ARF Dashnaktsutyun (ARFD) opposition party will vote against 2012 state budget draft, at the same time, supporting government- introduced amendments to tax package.

“We’re fully opposed to the budget draft, as the latter fails to respond to current challenges, imposing conditions impossible for Armenia’s economy to meet,” ARFD member Artsvik Minasyan told journalists at National Assembly.

To prove his point, the MP cited the government’s refusing the ARFD- advanced proposal to increase minimal salaries. “The government failed to prove our initiative and unfeasible. Armenia must not have salaries lower than the living wage,” Minasyan stressed.

However, the government included many of ARFD suggestions in the tax package. Minasyan listed transition to progressive taxation and luxury taxes among other ARFD suggestions.