10  07.04.12 - Rally of "Orinats Yerkir" party
Orinats Yerkir will try to win parliamentary race through confetti

Orinats Yerkir will try to win parliamentary race through confetti (video)

Party leader Artur Baghdasaryan stood out with his eloquence as always, once again addressing the issue of Orinats Yerkir’s “purity”.

Today, on April 7, Orinats Yerkir coalition party held a rally at Yerevan’s Liberty Square, a subsequent rally serving the “information” and not pre-election purpose. Though the election campaign has not officially launched, Armenia’s political forces have actively started holding large spectrum of events aimed at coaxing voters.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Orinats Yerkir rally was no exception. Party leader Artur Baghdasaryan and top members in the candidates list actively called for voting for them at the forthcoming elections promoting its program and activities pursued.

Special attention was attached to the issue of voter bribery, which, according to some experts will become the key driving force of some political forces during May elections. Thus, ex spokesman of Defense Minister David Karapetyan called the rally participants’ attention to the means several candidates dispense “charity”, while the party leader noted that “sold vote is a lost vote.”

Such calls bore rather symbolic character given recent Armenian media publications, according to which Orinats Yerkir’s several headquarters are actively engaged in distributing jars of jam and preserve.

Party leader Artur Baghdasaryan stood out with his eloquence as always, once again addressing the issue of Orinats Yerkir’s “purity”, stating it is not related to any crimes.

A question arises as to who is related to such crimes as plunder and voter bribery. Orinats Yerkir’s coalition partners? However, unfortunately, the answer to the question was not voiced at the rally.

Mr. Baghdasaryan further addressed the issue of application of “black PR” against his party, noting that they won’t allow anybody to disgrace Orinats Yerkir during the election campaign.

The party leader actively promoted members of the electoral list at the rally, particularly its youth composition who having pursued higher education abroad seek public support during the forthcoming elections to assist their homeland. The party leadership, in turn, actively praised Artur Baghdasaryan, voicing confidence for their victory in the oncoming race. It is noteworthy, that a large number of school children having little interest in the gathering, posters of Artur Baghdasaryan scattered all around the area, as well as confetti made integral part of the rally.

Will the confetti and champagne mark the party’s victory on May 7 morning? According to several experts, the party has still a long way to go to make it to the next parliament.

Hayk Khalatyan / PanARMENIAN News
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