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Ameriabank will be a reliable partner for Armenian traders

Edgar Petrosyan:

Ameriabank will be a reliable partner for Armenian traders

PanARMENIAN.Net - The public interest in international stock market is growing. Being an investment bank, Ameriabank cjsc continues creating new opportunities to allow its clients to strike deals at various stock markets 24/7. In an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net, senior specialist at the bank's trade department Edgar Petrosyan elaborates on the profitable investments Armenian traders can make with the use of modern technical solutions.
Remaining a passive investor is unforgivable in the world of changes and innovations. What opportunities do international financial markets offer to Armenian investors?

First of all I must note that financial markets appear as the most effective alternative to deposits and available assets. Any individual has a wish to save money, which is possible in the form of investments in tangible and intangible assets. Many of our citizens make savings in gold, real estate and banking deposits, what evidences of weak and undeveloped financial system of the republic. However, there is a large number of financial tools allowing good placement of funds. The advantage of financial markets is unlimited freedom of action and variety of financial instruments. With use of modern technologies (electronic trade systems) investing has become an easy thing to do. That's why exchange trade is so popular in foreign countries.

To date, Ameriabank opens wide opportunities for entering international financial markets. Would you expand on the world stock exchanges and financial tools, which are available for Armenian citizens?
Ameriabank intends to be reliable partner for Armenian traders, appearing as a brokerage services mediator. We view this issue in the context of two interrelated elements: geographic coverage and tools for investors. From the viewpoint of geography, Ameribank offers outlet to the most developed markets in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), Europe (UK, Germany, Austria, France, etc) and Asia/Oceania (Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Australia, etc.) As to investment tools, we offer a number of the most liquid and attractive financial instruments, including stocks, futures contracts, options, depositary notes, bonds and other exchange assets. The bank also offers a unique system of a common brokerage account which allows the client to efficiently form the investment portfolio: to buy and sell exchange assets nominated in various national currencies. For example, one can simultaneously obtain shares of BP at the London Stock Exchange and oil futures contracts at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The national currencies are in real time converted into U.S. dollars what is quite convenient for the investor who is trading in different regions.

Ameriabank offers two types of trading systems - AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING and WEB TRADER. Which are the advantages of these systems?
The difference between the electric trading platforms is merely in technical capabilities. AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING and WEB TRADER serve one and the same commercial account and are both available for the client. The multifunctional trading platform AMERIA GLOBAL TRADING is software supporting trade in various assets quoted at international markets, with the use of 50 kinds of applications and algorithms which allow control over the balance and offer various tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

Traders preferring a simple interface can use the WEB TRADER which lets make transactions immediately in the Internet. With the WEB TRADER, a client can look through the market data, send inquires and strike deals at Ameriabank website. Each client has his/her personal login and password and is given access to both platforms.

How can exchange transactions be concluded?
Until recently Ameriabank accepted applications only by phone and e-mail, what often lead to problems like impossibility of accepting the application beyond the bank's working hours. With introduction of modern technical solutions, investors can follow the markets at any time.

What in your opinion should be done to increase the financial awareness of the population?
We should first of all improve the university curricula, which do not envisage profound knowledge of financial markets and investment tools. Another option is organization of special courses with the following self-education. Anyway, practice remains the major constituent of professional education. It's not ruled out that in the near future, Ameriabank will organize seminars and courses for its clients. The increased interest in investing also pushed Ameriabank to provide brokerage services at securities market though a remote terminal. The situation in the republic certainly tends to improve.

Victoria Araratyan / PanARMENIAN News