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Ambassador who loves art

Marcela Maria Nikodemos:

Ambassador who loves art

PanARMENIAN.Net - Ms. Marcela Maria Nikodemos, the Ambassador of one of the most colorful and flamboyant countries of the world, Brazil, shared her memories, impressions of Armenia and expectations in a conversation with PanARMENIAN.Net. “I’m a career diplomat, and almost all ambassadors in Brazil are professional diplomats. I was a deputy chief of the mission in Lima, Peru. I was offered ambassadorial post, and some days after I learnt of having been assigned to Yerevan,” Mrs. Ambassador said.

“For sure I knew some basic information about Armenia, something from the history of Christianity, but nothing specific. And I was glad to learn that the country and especially people turned out to be much better than one can expect. In Brazil we have a lot of Armenians in diplomatic service, especially ambassadors. They are all wonderful people, but I was used to think of them as Brazilians. I came closer to Armenian community only after I was approved to the post. There were no difficulties, no problems when I arrived. People are very warm, it’s characteristic of both Armenians and Brazilians,” she noted.

The Ambassador went on to speak of her favorite Armenian writers, artists and directors, and it soon became clear Mrs. Nikodemos was a great connoisseur of our national culture.

“Parajanov is my favorite Armenian filmmaker. I’ve seen only one of his movies, The Color of Pomegranate. The film might be difficult to understand for someone unfamiliar with the life of the artist, his innovative cinematography language, but it’s impressive how creative he was. Another favorite is The Shadows of Ancestors. I’ve visited Paradjanov Museum several times and was greatly impressed with my experience. Armenia is rich in great artists: Sayat Nova, Komitas, Khachturian, to name a few,” the Ambassador said.

“I love paintings of Saryan and stories of Saroyan. Before coming here I knew close to nothing about Armenian culture, but now I firmly believe it should be spread worldwide,” Mrs. Nikodemos confessed.

Also, Mrs. Ambassador spoke of her love for strolling the old streets of Yerevan. “I have one street that I love, Zakyan, the 1st part of it between the park and Amiryan Street. With all the trees … yesterday I was passing it, and I said, oh god, the trees are still green here. And they look like a canopy. In summer time and autumn, it’s so beautiful.”

“I like the national gallery, the beauty itself, and the upper floor where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. Outside Yerevan I like Noravank. You have the monastery and the mountains, the nature together with the building make such an impressive of landscape.”

In conclusion, Mrs. Nikodemos shared memories of New Year celebrations in Brazil. “Rio is the best way to see how Brazilians celebrate the New Year. Though Roman Catholic in our majority, we accept people of other faiths. Around midnight, everybody in Rio goes to the beach dressed in white, with white flowers, food baskets to throw them in the sea after the midnight as a symbolic gift to gods.

Soon afterwards, the night becomes aflare with fireworks along the shore. Everybody hug each other wishing health, love and prosperity.”

Gohar Karapetyan / PanARMENIAN News