I wish Armenian women learn to appreciate themselves

Naira Zohrabyan:

I wish Armenian women learn to appreciate themselves

PanARMENIAN.Net - PanARMENIAN.Net organized a series of interviews with well-known female politicians on March 8. They told about the most striking presents they got on March 8, shared their views on women's participation on politics, and congratulated Armenian women with this beautiful holiday. Naira Zohrabyan, MP of the coalition Prosperous Armenia party was the first to congratulate Armenian women.
What would you wish Armenian women on this holiday?
First of all, I wish happiness, faith, hope and love to our women. I would be happy to see our women starting really appreciate themselves; our women are wonderful and worth appreciation, they are really very good. My work takes me to various international organizations and countries, and while communicating with women of different states, I can say that our women are priceless. They are very beautiful and smart. What our women lack a bit is their own self-esteem. A woman must learn to appreciate herself in order to be valued by others. And I wish that our Armenian women really valued themselves and expected similar attitude from others.

What is the most original and unforgettable March 8 present you got?
You know, it was not timed to meet March 8; it was just a coincidence. Hrant Matevosyan presented me with a collection of Yeghishe Charents's works he edited, with an inscription which is very dear to me: “to a brave and courageous girl”. This is the most beautiful present I remember on this day.

Parliamentary elections are coming soon. What do you think about the role and participation of Armenian women in politics?
Unfortunately, women play a very minor role, not adequate to the potential they have in the public sector. Armenian women are very skilled; there are very active women in public and political sector who can have real participation in politics. Judging by statements of the parties who actively engaged in election campaign, I hope the National Assembly will see increased representation and role of active women who are smart and competent in politics. The Electoral Code stipulates at least 20% of women representation in the parliament; besides, there are women who can take serious part in political processes, and I expect this representation to be a real one and not an imitation.

Hayk Khalatyan / PanARMENIAN News