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6  18.12.12 - Alain Delon visits Tsitsernakaberd

French movie legend Alain Delon visits Genocide memorial

French movie legend Alain Delon visits Genocide memorial

PanARMENIAN.Net - World famous French actor Alain Delon visited the Armenian Genocide memorial complex today, Dec 18.

The actor arrived in Yerevan Dec 17 to attend the premiere of “Happy New Year, Moms!” film, produced by Ghevond Andreasyan, Georgy Malkov and Valeriy Saaryan.

The movie features stories by 5 different directors – Sarik Andreasyan, Dmitriy Gracheva, Artyom Maximenko, Anton Bormatov and Klim Poplavsky.

The romantic comedy, set in Russia and France, centers on love for mothers, with the main character seeking to fulfill his mother’s dream by arranging a meeting with Alain Delon. The film budget totals USD 6 mln.

The film premiere is due today, Dec 18, in Yerevan’s Moscow cinema house.

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