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21  24.05.14 - The 15th congress of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA)

President talks politics, economic growth and Karabakh

President talks politics, economic growth and Karabakh

PanARMENIAN.Net - President Serzh Sargsyan was reelected as the head of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia. The head of the RPA faction Vahram Baghdasaryan replaced ex-PM Tigran Sargyan on the post of the RPA executive body leader.

The Armenian leader made a statement at 15th convention of the RPA, dwelling on the country’s political landscape and the Party’s role in it, Armenia’s economic potential and safety of Armenia and Artsakh.

“It is clear that the evolution of the political landscape and the civil society in Armenia mirrors the free competition of existing tendencies, ideas and parties having those ideas. A very interesting and rich mosaic has been formed with little free space on it. That situation is perfectly represented in the Armenian parliament which acts as a comprehensive political system.

I think that the ruling party and the opposition are not enemies no matter how much they criticize each other; even if our citizens get such an impression produced by wide coverage of passionate political debates. We do not have to share our homeland; we should complement each other in order to protect our fatherland and make it prosperous.

The ruling political party and the opposition are like two hands; both are necessary because each one performs a clear function. The mutilation of one does not strengthen the other; the man merely becomes disabled,” Sargsyan said.

“Coming years will be a period of expanding our economic potential and promoting the public welfare. This is unequivocal. We will continue to take clear steps and make utmost efforts in that direction. There will be positive changes in promotion of economic management and enlargement of consumer markets.

We have already entered the final phase of accession to the Customs Union. We expect the Customs Union’s large market to stimulate our economic growth and are confident that our investment and export growth rates will be considerably higher. In addition, we are also going to take individual approaches towards our businessmen and foreign investors,” the President noted.

“Regardless of anything, the primary objective for the coming years, our present and future objective, is to ensure the security of Armenia and Artsakh. 20 years have passed since the ceasefire agreement. Yet for both the victor and the loser the war is not over; it continues on a different platform. The victor knows well the price of victory paid with blood and losses during the imposed war. The loser is filled with a devastating fury to regain a victory; a fury which deprives him of reason and a desire to conduct constructive negotiations.

Today our neighbor who lost the war unleashed on its own initiative tries to wage an information war by editing the history with an axe and distorting the reality. Bankrupt on the ideological platform, the country prefers form over content, gradually increasing expenditures on armaments.

Many of you here have enjoyed the taste of victory and will agree that the war is won not by bullets but by people, especially by their character, their will, their convictions, their faith and most importantly their love for freedom. It is won by citizens, the proud and responsible citizens of our fatherland, united not around party membership, taste, preferences or pocket contents, but a fair cause.

According to numerous international grades, our neighbor builds an authoritarian and militarized society, conducting Armenophobic propaganda day and night and instilling hatred and hostility in his society.

We know that a militarized society is headed for an impasse. A pluralistic society where people are free to express ideas, where freedom of speech is guaranteed and acceptable decisions are made as a result of debates on essential issues, is viable and strong. We are on the way to build such a society,” the Armenian leader concluded.

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