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New photorealistic 3D puzzle Shadowmatic available on App Store (video)

New photorealistic 3D puzzle Shadowmatic available on App Store

PanARMENIAN.Net - After 3 years of development, Triada Studio Games from Armenia has launched Shadowmatic, a photorealistic 3D puzzle for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Shadowmatic is an imagination-firing puzzle where users rotate abstract objects in three dimensions and use their shadows to create recognizable silhouettes on the wall. The game progresses through different rooms, which are all designed to look relevant to the hidden silhouette.

The game includes 9 rooms and over 70 levels. Each room has a unique atmosphere with a related musical composition that can be downloaded from iTunes. Shadowmatic features gorgeous graphics, secondary objectives, nonlinear level progression and 3D parallax view.

The game employs a special system of hints that could be used in case of necessity. First hint is a word or a phrase that implicitly hints at the hidden silhouette’s practical, visual, or any other properties and functions. Second hint is another word or a phrase, which, in conjunction with the first hint, will provide more context for the silhouette, making your guess easier. Third hint is the title of the hidden object. Final hint reveals an image of the shadow that you’re expected to project. However, the developers suggest that refraining from using any hints at all is deemed to make the game more enjoyable and fun.

Shadowmatic is compatible with iOS devices: iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2 and later, iPod Touch 4 and later. In the future, it will be available for other desktop platforms as well.

After release of teasers in 2014, the game got lots of feedback.

Grabit Magazine describes Shadowmatic as “a cathartic puzzler that looks to take you to a happy place and then tickle your brain rewardingly while you’re there.”

Gamezebo says the game “looks seriously cool. Not only are the 3D graphics incredibly photorealistic, but the movements feel smooth, and the lighting effects themselves are especially masterful.”

The game is produced by Triada Studio Games, a new division of Triada Studio, a computer animation studio with over 20 years of history. Shadowmatic is the company’s first attempt to combine its vast computer graphics experience with an experimental in-house 3D engine. Founded in 1993, Triada Studio is a motion design and visual effects studio with a strong team of talented directors, CG supervisors, concept artists, animators and 3D generalists.

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