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Innovative and 'green' Kamar business center is unmatched in all of Armenia

Innovative and 'green' Kamar business center is unmatched in all of Armenia

PanARMENIAN.Net - Kamar business center, designed back in 2014 in compliance with the highest international standards, has been put into operation near Shahumyan Square in the heart of Armenia’s capital, which combines the ancient and innovative architecture of Yerevan, energy-efficient technologies and comfort. The history of construction and planning of the high-class business center, as well as office spaces equipped with superb architectural solutions and their peculiarities were unveiled at a meeting with media representatives.

Ruben and Mikayel Hasratyan designed the building, while sculptor David Yerevantsi authored the metal tree sculpture adorning the entrance of the building.

The construction is made up of three buildings from the Tsarist, Soviet and modern eras. On the right side of the edifice stands the black building designed by architect Mikayel Ohanjanyan in 1910. Constructed as the Erivan Branch of Tiflis Trade Bank, it is now home to the ‘Kamar’ branch of Ameriabank. The building designed by architect Nikolay Buniatyan in 1926 stands on the other side of the edifice and served as the Agricultural Bank back then. In the very center, slightly sunken behind the two old ones, is Ameriabank’s modern building.

According to Kamar business center director Artashes Kazakhetsyan, Property Development Company CJSC - a member of Ameria Group of Companies that owns the property - prioritized the architectural significance of the old buildings and the mission of preserving and passing them on to future generations and initiated the reconstruction work with great responsibility.

“Ameria Group of Companies has a very important principle when it comes to making investments: it doesn’t seek just profit, but tries to bring some innovation with that investment, be a step forward. This particular project has been invested in not only as a real estate but also as a center with trendy and energy-efficient solutions,” Kazakhetsyan said.

The business center complies with all the energy-saving and environmental standards, which are accepted internationally and contribute to the development of business center construction standards in Armenia. It's no coincidence that the center is the first building in Armenia to have received BREEAM certification, an assessment of the sustainability performance of buildings, communities and infrastructure projects. Exclusively safe materials for the environment are used during construction of “green” buildings. The quality and durability of materials ensure the longevity of the structure, while energy-efficient systems allow to reduce utility costs by up to 35%.

“Unique with its architectural solutions and the harmony of different elements, Kamar greatly differs from other business centers in Armenia. Our goal was to combine cutting-edge elements with old Armenian architecture, and prior to the start of construction we spent a great deal of time and resources to design the structure," Kazakhetsyan said, adding that the majority of office spaces in the business center have already been occupied.

A film about the process of designing and constructing the business center, as well as the history of the old buildings of the edifice were unveiled to the journalists, who were then invited to the bank’s museum where letters, documents and photos obtained from the archives of Yerevan and Tbilisi are displayed.

In the process of studying the archives, Mikayel Ohanjanyan was identified as the real architect of the building as architect Boris Mehrabyan was previously credited for designing the building.

The 20-meter high green wall designed by Green Lad is another innovative solution of Kamar’s, which is among the biggest ones in the world with a total area of 160 square meters and 32 plants per square meter. The vertical garden gives a unique freshness and natural look to the building. Also, it cleans the air, reducing noise and heat and providing pretty amazing thermal insulation. To ensure the required amount of humidity, small waterfalls have been built below the green wall.

The history of the building of Kamar business center is also detailed in a special book, which also provides opinions by prominent architects and historians about the center, as well as interesting facts and memories of the residents of the city.

Ameriabank’s new branch called ‘Kamar’ occupies the first two floors of the business center, while the next four are taken by the bank’s headquarters.

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