Nas Daily: Why taxis in Armenia are better (video)

Nas Daily: Why taxis in Armenia are better

PanARMENIAN.Net - Famous vlogger Nuseir Yassin, better known by his nickname Nas Daily, who is currently exploring Armenia’s traditions, culture and the daily life, has unveiled a new video about the taxi system in the country.

90% of taxi drivers in Armenia have decided to change the fuel of their car from diesel to what they call compressed gas, he says.

"Taxi drivers realized that it’s cheaper for them to use gas instead of diesel because gas costs less money, but it also emits less CO2 in the air, it makes the car quieter and the taxi ride cleaner for the driver and for you," Nuseir says.

"This just one small country with a different taxi system. Imagine if every country had taxis that saved your money, saved their money and saved everyone’s environment."

Nuseir’s one-minute Facebook videos showing life from all the corners of the world now garner millions of views.

In his previous videos about Armenia, the vlogger unveiled stories about the free water, chess education, the oldest roller skater in the country, as well as a road near Mount Aragats where “gravity doesn’t work.”

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