Armenia: Snap elections will be held in May or June 2019 - PM

Armenia: Snap elections will be held in May or June 2019 - PM

PanARMENIAN.Net - Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Sunday, September 2 that snap parliamentary elections will be held in May or the first 10 days of June of next year "at the latest".

Responding to questions posted on his Facebook page, Pashinyan said some constitutional changes should be made so that the National Assembly could decide on self-dissolution without the Prime Minister’s resignation.

Pashinyan said work is underway for changing the Constitution, as Armenians, according to him, “want guarantees that they won’t have to carry out a revolution after the PM’s resignation.”

Under the current Constitution, the Premier has to submit his resignation, while the parliament is to fail to elect a new Prime Minister twice in two weeks, which will pave the way for the dissolution of the National Assembly.

“I have no doubts they (the people - Ed.) will carry out a revolution if need be. We should have all the guarantees that there will be no attempts to perform anti-democratic actions,” he said.

“The package will soon be ready and sent to the National Assembly. Political discussions will follow.”

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