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Ameriabank’s corporate culture brings in more and more employees

Ameriabank’s corporate culture brings in more and more employees

PanARMENIAN.Net - Ameriabank, a company that has always prioritized the role of staff and corporate culture in maintaining success and a leading position in the market, seeks to provide the best conditions for its employees as an employer.

The bank says one of its key activities is to create a team with a unique corporate culture and offer the best conditions for their professional growth and the improvement of quality of life.

Constantly expanding the scope of its activity and improving the quality of services, the bank gives special importance to the creation of new jobs in terms of social responsibility. The bank’s staff grew dynamically in 2017-2018, 300 new employees were hired in 2018 alone. Today, Ameriabank recruits as many as 950 people.

Acknowledging the importance of hiring young people, Ameriabank has been successfully cooperating with Armenian and foreign universities since 2008, at the same time providing professional training and work opportunity to students from the Diaspora․ The bank has already implemented 10 of its Generation X programs hiring 200 specialist as a result.

In 2018, in particular, the bank implemented two Generation X projects, with as many as 57 young specialists joining Ameriabank’s team. Three more such initiatives are planned for 2019. The program is a unique opportunity for young people aged 20-27 to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of financial and banking issues through communication with experienced professionals, learn more about the peculiarities of corporate culture and start their career with Ameriabank.

Repatriation is key, says Ameriabank. By encouraging the return of talented specialists to Armenia, the bank actively cooperates with various funds and creates internship and work opportunities for repatriates.

At the same time, the involvement of specialists from the Diaspora helps bring international experience and knowledge to Armenia, the effective use of which creates additional value for the country's economy.

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