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"Activities of Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgorukov" readings to be held in Rostov-on-Don

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Hayazg cultural and educational fund Rostov regional museum of local history and the Center for system regional research and forecasting conduct scientific reading on the topic: Activities of Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgorukov in the context of the Russian geopolitics in the Caucasus (timed to 230th anniversary of the resettlement of Armenians on the Don), miasin.ru reports. Historians, art historians, political scientists, philosophers are invited to participate in the readings. 

From 1769 to 1801 a prominent figure in the Armenian liberation movement, a staunch supporter of Russian orientation, Prince Archbishop Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgoruky assumed the throne of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Russia. 

Joseph Argutinsky was born in 1743 in Sanahin, his father was Shioshbek, mother - Ketevan. Joseph's father had close ties with the Georgian court. Ancient Argutinsky genus is known from 5010 BC. His education Joseph received in the Holy Echmiadzin, where he started his career as a teacher of a theological seminary. In 1773, Joseph became Archimandrite. Catholicos Simeon Ervantsi (1763-1780) in 1776 appointed a 25-year Archimandrite Joseph Argutinsky as a head of the Astrakhan diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Russia. On March 9, 1801 Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgorukiy died at the age of 58 years.

He was the head of the Armenian Diocese in Russia for 27 years.
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