Lebanon’s Armenian community under attack by pro-Turkey groups

Lebanon’s Armenian community under attack by pro-Turkey groups

PanARMENIAN.Net - Lebanon’s Armenian community has come under attacks by pro-Turkey groups in recent days. According to journalist Sako Arian, everything started when Nishan Der-Haroutunian, the host of a popular Lebanese TV show, received a message via WhatsApp from a spectator who called him a migrant and insidious foreigner.

Der-Haroutunian said, in turn, that Erdogan, Turkey and the Ottomans are insidious, Arian said on Facebook.

After the show, Arian said, dozens of people, most of whom live outside Lebanon, made provocative statements against the Armenians, justified the Genocide perpetrated by Ottoman Turkey and said “you Armenians are insidious and deserve those killings”. They also took pride in being what they called “Ottoman Turks” and the followers and supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The journalist said Turkey is pursuing a greater presence in Lebanon, evidenced by the creation of “the Turkish lobby thanks to many years of work, money and support.”

Arian also published a video which he said depicts pro-Erdogan supporters waving Turkish flags near Al Jadeed TV, where Nishan Der-Haroutunian works.

Armenians and TV Der-Haroutunian have been receiving threats by pro-Turkey parties in Lebanon for a long time, Zartonk Media reports.

In a viral video, Mounir Hassan, President of the Lebanese-Arab “Mardalia” organization made direct threats to the Neshan Der Haroutunian, Lebanese-Armenian personality and the greater Lebanese-Armenian community.

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