PanARMENIAN.Net - Today Armenia is commemorating the victims of the act terrorism committed in the parliament of the country October 27, 1999. Four years ago, a group of 7 terrorists rushed into the sitting hall of the Armenian national Assembly and shot down Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsian, Parliament Speaker Karen Demirchian, vice-speakers Yuri Bakhshian and Ruben Miroian, minister for the operative issues Leonard Petrosian, deputies Armenak Armenakian, Genrikh Abrahamian and Mikael Kotanian. Today Armenian leadership placed wreaths to the monument to the victims of the act of terrorism. To remind, the other day, at the court examination lasting with intervals since 2001, the prosecution claimed life imprisonment for the five accused, namely chieftain Nairi Hunanian, his brother Karen Hunanian, their relative Vram Galstian as well as their friends Derenik Bedjanian and Edik Grigorian. Accusation due to seven articles of the Armenian Criminal Code, the most grieve of them - parricide, act of terrorism and treason - have been charged against them. The court hearing is to be continued October 29.
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