In Baku they are trying to create an impression of similarity between the Southern Caucasus conflicts.

According to the newspaper ''Echo'', Baku, demonstrations of protest demanding to give Karabakh back to Azerbaijan are being held in Stepanakert. None of the sources confirmed this information. Our colleagues in Stepanakert assured there were no demonstrations in Karabakh. It is evident that this is another falsification.
PanARMENIAN.Net - It is not difficult to understand why this falsification has appeared right now. In Baku they are trying to create an impression that the conflicts of Abkhazia, Southern Osetia and Nagorno Karabakh are similar. Ultimately the Georgian special services made more active their influence on their forces in Abkhazia and Osetia. According to Georgian sources, participants of a dempnstration in Sukhimu were holding the pictures of Mikhail Sahakashvili and Georgian flags. In Osetia there is a youth organization ''Kmara'' which has been preparing revolutions in Tbilisi and Batumi. According to some information, it is trying to involve also the Osetian youth.

Meanwhile, no parallels can be drawn between the attempts of Georgians to get back Abkhazia and Osetia and the claims of Azerbaijan on Karabakh, as the situation in Sukhumi and Tskhinvali are not the same as in Stepanakert. First of all, the sides of the Abkhazian and Osetian conflicts are much more tolerant towards each other than those of the Karabakh conflict. Besides, it should be taken into account that the Georgians have a very serious base in Southern Osetia and Abkhazia. The third part of the population of Abkhazia are Georgians. They are full right citizens and even carry out their military service in the Abkhazian army. The Abkhazians and Georgians live in a neighborhood peacefully.

At the same time, there is the good will of the Georgian authorities. They supply Osetia with energy. Mikhail Sahakashvili recently confirmed his will to develop economic contacts with rebelling autonomies. Unlike the Azeris, the Georgians do not avoid to negotiate with their former compatriots.

If the belief of the Georgians in the possibility of creation of a single state with Abkhazians and Osetians is justified, in case with Karabakh and Azerbaijan the situation is different first of all because the official Baku does not even try to create a base for a dialogue. This is why no parallels can be drawn between Karabakh and other conflicts in the post Soviet territory. The international mediators understand this. The former American co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk group Rudolf Perina said in an interview: ''The world community is not ready to recognize Abkhazia, Southern Osetia and Prednestrovia as independent countries. The case with Nagorno Karabkh is different,'' the diplomat stressed.
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