Iran military concentrate at Azeri border

PanARMENIAN.Net - Iranian armed forces' defense equipment and sub-divisions are concentrated along the Iranian-Azerbaijani border. Military sources said in the past days these forces concentrated along the land border.

Military experts claim that the troops advanced to protect the territory from possible attack. The same sources reported that the Iranian side did not inform Baku officials about the movement of its troops. This demonstrates Tehran's deep concern and distrust toward Azerbaijan. At the same time activity of Iranian naval forces on the Caspian Sea has noticeably weakened recently. Experts say that Tehran fears the delivery of mobile diversion groups from Azerbaijan.

With regard to reports about the closure of border and customs, businessmen said that transportation of goods to Azerbaijan via Iran has become severely limited. At present a considerable part of cargos are stuck on the Iranian side.

The beginning of information war is also evident. One intelligence expert said that the recent reports that Iran has made a list of objects for bombardment in Azerbaijan in the event of a U.S. attack is a bright example of this. This information has been most likely disseminated by Iranian special services to exert psychological pressure on Baku. Its goal is to prevent Azerbaijan from supporting Washington in the military conflict with Tehran.

With regard to Iranian missile specialists' ability to hit targets in Azerbaijan, Shakhab missiles are not high-precision weapon able to hit concrete targets. This means that they could miss U.S. objects in Azerbaijan and hit other objects.

This insane step by Tehran would destabilize the situation in South Azerbaijan, causing its separation from the remaining part of Iran.

A missile attack on Baku will inevitably lead to the deployment of U.S. and NATO anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense units in Azerbaijan, but this is what Iran is strongly opposed to, reports Turan news agency.
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