Russia-Turkey relations represent no danger for Armenia

PanARMENIAN.Net - Alan Kasayev, the head of RIA Novosti division for Baltic States and the CIS is confident that Armenia is really Russia's strategic ally. "It's quite obvious that with Armenia's help, Russia keeps control over the entire region. This is strategic partnership. However, being less attractive for investors, Armenia's doesn't have enough weight in the region," he said in an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net


According to Kasayev, the Russian leadership builds up relations with Armenia's neighbors on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation. "As to Azerbaijan, both Russia and Azerbaijan are both sources of raw materials and business rivals. From this standpoint, relations with Azerbaijan are very important. It's one the reasons why Moscow doesn't press on Baku in the Karabakh issue. Russia has to assist Armenia in normalizing relations with neighbors. It tries to perform this mission without pressing either on Yerevan, the ally, or on reliable partners in Baku and Ankara," he said.  

"Russia-Turkey relations represent no danger for Armenia. They do not develop to the prejudice of thirds states, specifically Armenia. I can even say that current Russia-Turkey relations are better than relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan. The euphoria is over. Istanbul doesn't eye Baku as a 'younger brother' any longer. As to transport projects bypassing Armenia, being mere political projects, they lack an economic constituent," Kasayev said.

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