Turks of U.S. launched a campaign against Google, refused to deny Armenian Genocide

PanARMENIAN.Net - A Turkish American group has launched a campaign against internet giant Google in an attempt to force the world's leading search engine and on-line advertising venue to run ads denying the Armenian Genocide.

The move comes following Google's recent review of its advertisement policy, leading to the rejection of ads by the Turkish Coalition of America which led unsuspecting internet users to their Armenian Genocide denial site. The ANCA, in May of this year, had launched an action alert encouraging supporters and human rights activists to contact Google CEO Eric Schmidt regarding the ads. A Facebook Causes group titled "Stop Turkey's Anti-Armenian Genocide Propaganda on Google AdWords!" has over 9100 members.

Ask Google to stand by its guiding principle of "Don't be Evil" by continuing to refuse to profit from an organization seeking a platform for their historically inaccurate, morally reprehensible, and deeply offensive genocide denial campaign.

It only takes a minute. Simply share your thoughts by emailing Google, or just cut, paste and print the message provided below - adding your personal touch. Please note that personalized letters are always more effective.

Prior to June, 2009, the search terms: "Armenian Genocide," "Armenia," and "Armenian" typically triggered a Google AdWords link that read either: "History, Propaganda," or "Learn Armenian Atrocities." Both directed users to the Turkish Coalition of America's website, which features extensive content denying the Armenian Genocide. After review of its policy, Google chose to turn down these ads, upholding its unofficial slogan "Don't be Evil" and standing by a decision not to promote historical revisionism.
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