Hranush Hakobyan: Armenian parliament may have two chambers

Hranush Hakobyan: Armenian parliament may have two chambers

PanARMENIAN.Net - RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan said that Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan wants to propose a constitutional amendment, which would create two parliamentary houses, one of which will allow Diaspora Armenians to be part of the legislature.

The proposed upper house of the legislature would allow Diaspora Armenians to serve as representatives was met with applause and excitement by the audience, Hakobyan said during a meeting with community members on January 30 at Arbat Golden Palace organized by the Consulate General of Armenia to Los Angeles.

“In assessing the issue, the president of Armenia has come to the conclusion, and is making suggestions, that yes, certain changes within the governing structure of Armenia are needed to allow Diaspora Armenians to be part of Armenia’s government,” explained Hakobyan.

The minister explained that “it is not a coincidence that we want to make changes to Armenia’s constitution” to create two house of the parliament, with the upper house—the Senate—including representatives from the Diaspora. reported.

“Today, I witnessed the excitement by our California-Armenian community about the creation of the Senate,” said Hakobyan.

“The first step by the president was the creation of the Ministry of Diaspora, through which substantive policies for Armenia-Diaspora relations were put forth. The second was the establishment of the dual-citizenship institution, and clearly we are taking the third step by creating the upper house through which the Diaspora Armenians will have a voice in the governing of the country and in creating policy,” she explained.

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