September 15, 2017 - 17:06 AMT
New EU deal 'will boost export of Armenian agricultural produce'

The new framework agreement that will soon be signed between the European Union and Armenia will bring about a number of opportunities for Armenian businesses, said Petros Sourmelis, the Head of Unit, Directorate General Trade, European Commission.

According to him, the deal will facilitate the export of Armenian agricultural produce to EU member-states, which will help further develop the sector in the country, reports.

"We aim to improve the investment atmosphere in Armenia to help develop businesses, as well as boost the export market," Sourmelis said.

Also, the EU official detailed the bloc's plan to establish a competitive environment in the country.

"We are going to create a body for tackling competitiveness-related issues and securing identical game rules for all the players," Sourmelis added.

The EU delegation is organizing Europe in Armenia Expo, the first multi-sectoral and investment fair in Armenia dedicated to EU companies. The event launched on September 15 and will run until 17 September at the Yerevan Expo Centre.