Europe is trying to halt Islamization of the Old World

Next year the number of mosques in France will be increased to 4000, since, according to Muslim community representative Syed Muhammad Mosavi “mosques are sorely lacking”.

Islam has always been existent in Europe – it’s enough to recall the Moors in Spain and Portugal, who had created their own culture long before the final victory of Christianity. The medieval Muslim state of Al-Andalus was one of the developed and powerful states in the Middle Ages. But over time Islam has grown into a study intolerant towards other faiths and religions, becoming more and more aggressive, to say the least. The mere fact that everyone not committed to Islam is called “infidel” and killing them is a sacred thing creates basis for even the most enlightened Europeans to avert from Muslims.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Conversion to Islam, which used to be “fashionable” in the XIX century, is now unacceptable for civilized circles. In our view, the origin of revitalization of the Islamic factor was the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. But this slow process began to gain momentum after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the overthrow of the Iranian Shah. However, the flow of immigrants from Muslim countries of the Middle East and Maghreb has come to rise at a geometric progression. Under the current circumstances the only thing the European countries can do is rejecting Turkey into the EU and toughening laws on migrants and their behavior under new conditions. Attempts have been made to change at least the appearance of Muslim women in France and Spain, but as it is the rule in “democratic” countries, these efforts met resistance from human rights defenders, who in most cases act against their own country. We still remember the scandal with Switzerland, where it was banned to erect minarets. But it should be noted to the credit of Europeans that the rejection of another life, other than Christianity, is already beginning to bear fruit. In Belgium, where Muslims make up a quarter of the population of Brussels, in some cities quotas and regulations have been introduced for migrants from the Middle East, primarily from Turkey. Right and conservative parties in Belgium and the Netherlands all increasingly favor the deportation of migrants, citing the growing threat of extremism and the loss of Christian values. Thus, in Ghent the right wing have started the campaign “Emirdag needs you”, which aims at remigration of the Turks. The thing is that the majority of Turks in Ghent come from that city of Afyonkarahisar Province. The campaign applies to those Turks who have failed to integrate into Belgian society. Currently there are about 400 000 Muslims in Belgium, and 3.3 million in Germany, mainly from Turkey. In total, Europe houses 53.7 million Muslims, including 15.9 million in the European Union (EU). The data is provided by the Central Institute’s Islam Archives. According to the Institute, out of around 680 million Europeans, 7.9% are Muslims. The EU accounts for about 3.2% share. Among the 25 EU states, France has the highest number of Muslims – 5.5 million, mainly expatriates from Algeria and Morocco – followed by Germany with 3.3 million, the United Kingdom with 1.5 million, Italy and the Netherlands with 1 million, and Switzerland with 330 thousand. These figures cannot but put us on our guard, because in Europe, leading Islamic clerics are preaching terrorism among the Islamic youth. As for the adaptation of Muslims in Europe, they just do not want to make efforts, even at the level of language learning. Periodic visits by Prime Minister Erdogan to Germany only inspire the German Turks, who are reluctant to learn either the language or the standards of behaviour of the country that provides them with jobs.

Another significant development was the prohibition of the British radical Islamic organization “Muslims against the Crusades”. Formerly it came registered under different names and each time was banned. Recently members of the organization attempted to arrange a fight with the ultranationalist English Defense League, and held a protest outside the U.S. Embassy on the day of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

But while Europe is trying to protect itself from the Islamic invasion, the U.S. urges the world to tolerate people of other religions, it being unimportant that these people consider the rest of the world “faithless” and “impure”. According to Ambassador Ian Kelly, U.S. representative to the OSCE in Europe, in recent years the free practice of religion, including Islam, has been severely constrained throughout the region. “Broad bans on the way people express their faith, such as through religious attire and the opportunity to build houses of worship, are present in many countries throughout the OSCE region. Further, when allowed, in some communities Muslims have been denied the right to use traditional Islamic design in the construction of mosques. We must acknowledge that in our own country, there have been attempts to halt the construction of mosques, cemeteries, and sites of other religious activities, and a number of U.S. states have introduced misguided laws that target Muslim populations. However, the values of our nation as outlined in the U.S. Constitution provide the rights of all Americans to practice their faith freely,” Kelly says. It’s appropriate to note that the U.S. Constitution protects its citizens rather badly, giving preference to the “victims of human rights violations”. We all saw and still remember the consequences of such a treatment – September 11, 2001. This was the biggest act of terrorism, but before it, in fact, there were also Oklahoma City and the first attack on the WTC...

And, finally, next year the number of mosques in France is going to be increased to 4000, since, according to Muslim community representative Syed Muhammad Mosavi “mosques are sorely lacking”. Currently the number of mosques in France outnumbers the churches and if no measures are taken, in 50 years Europe will not have to accept Turkey into the EU, since it itself will enter as an Islamic state. In this respect, the position of France and Germany in rejecting Turkey's EU membership can be understood and even welcomed, if the civilized world does not want constant attacks in the name of Allah.

Karine Ter-Sahakyan
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