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Armenian Middle East communities are on the verge of extermination

Although there is no Armenian community in Tunisia and Libya, it is much more abundant in Syria than in Egypt or Iraq, let alone Lebanon.

Elections in Egypt may seriously complicate the lives of Christians in the country, including Armenians. The success of the Salafist party Al-Nur has raised fears of Copts, who fear that with Islamists coming to power, their lives would be worse than under overthrown Hosni Mubarak. And though many call the former leader of Egypt a dictator, he, at least, did not persecute Christians. If Islamists win a majority in Egyptian parliament, the Christian population of the country, namely Copts and Armenians, will have to engage in mass emigration.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Generally speaking, emigration has already started: after the fall of Mubarak regime tens of thousands of Copts left Egypt. Sadly enough, a similar fate awaits also the three-thousand Armenian community, who suffered the first wave of emigration at the time of Gamal Abdel Nasser. In the 50s of the past century there were about 60 thousand Armenians living in Egypt. All of them migrated to the USA, Canada, and other countries. Now the Copts are doing the same. The “trouble” of Salafis lies in their desire to return Egypt to the VII century lifestyle, which supposes concentration on the life and faith of the early Muslim community and on their righteous ancestors, condemning all kinds of innovations brought into the Muslim world through contacts with the West. In this respect they are no different from Iranian Islamists. Political wing of the movement “Muslim brotherhood” (banned by Mubarak) holds the first place; secular liberals are in the third position. Thus, Egypt may add to the list of countries, where Islamists came to power after the “Arab Spring”.

All this cannot but worry the Armenians, who rightly fear for their lives. No Islamic state shall ever ensure the security of “infidels”. Reverting to Iran, we shall note that in the issue of Armenians it is an exception country, but still there’s no guarantee that this situation will last forever. No matter how neutrally Armenia behaves in case of military attack on Iran, it is clear that most of the Iranian Armenians will be forced to seek shelter at home. One may say that one outcome of the “Arab Spring” was the threat of total destruction of the Armenian communities in the Middle East, and now the only hope is Bashar al-Assad, under whose rule the Armenian community of Syria is united and respecting state power, which, in its turn, respects and values ​​them. All of this will be gone and forgotten in an Islamic state. And if there is no Armenian community in Tunisia and Libya, it is much more abundant in Syria than in Egypt or Iraq, let alone Lebanon. What Christians should expect in countries of Islamic victory is not difficult to guess; let us not forget the case with the girl in Pakistan, who was executed for converting to Christianity. And these are only the facts reported in media. In fact, such cases are not a single instance, but a worked-out practice.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian army, in the face of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, is seriously troubled about Egypt turning into an Islamic state. “Islamization of Egypt could cause conflict in regards to the new constitution and the preservation of Egypt as secular state. The attempt to create an Islamic state here is seen as a red line beyond which you cannot go,” said sources close to the military leadership of the country in an interview with “Al-Hayat”. According to them, the army is deeply concerned about the current developments, and fears that the upcoming rounds of elections, the latter of which is to be held in January, may bring the Islamists an even more convincing victory. The Supreme Military Council is interested in making decisions that meet the interests of Egypt. “The council will insist on two red lines. It will demand that the military's status remain unchanged and also that the secular nature of Egypt and the human rights of the Egyptian people be protected,” the sources said.

It should be emphasized that the main ideologists of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism came from Egypt – Ideologist of “Muslim brotherhood” and jihad Sayyid Qutb and the second person in “Al Qaeda” under Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Qutb was executed in 1966, Zawahiri is sentenced to death in absentia. Presently a new generation, preaching jihad, has grown in Egypt, and if the army does not take control over the country, it will indicate the final collapse of Egypt. This year alone, the Egyptian treasury came $10 million short, due to the lack of tourism. The Salafi candidate of Alexandria clearly stated that in case of his victory he will order all the pre-Islamic monuments, including the pyramids and sphinxes, to be closed from the eyes of the inhabitants, because they are “symbols of a corrupt culture”. What else can the Muslims do, except for the destruction of monuments that do not fit into their view of the world?

Karine Ter-Sahakyan
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