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Baku systematically destroys Azerbaijan’s indigenous population

Baku systematically destroys Azerbaijan’s indigenous population

PanARMENIAN.Net - On May 8-10, Nagorno Karabakh hosted an extended meeting of organizing committee of international conference on “Indigenous people of the Caucasus-Caspian Region.

Apart from Armenian representatives, the committee comprises science workers and public figures from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, European countries, the U.S. and Russia.

As Talysh delegation member Mortza Kasempuv told PanARMENIAN.Net the conference aims to call international community’s attention to the rights of indigenous people residing in the Caspian region, particularly in Azerbaijan.

“Iran is our homeland, where all the rights of indigenous people are exercised. Official Baku’s policy aims to wipe all national minorities of Azerbaijan, Talysh, Lezgians, Avars and Udis off the face of the country. We were evicted from our historical lands: Lankaran, Astara, Masallı, Lerik and Goranboy. Azerbaijan must recognize all the nations residing in its territory to ensure peace,” Kasempuv said.

“There are no Talysh schools in Azerbaijan, language and culture are forbidden, repression is exerted against Talysh activists,” he said.

The Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic was a short-lived self-proclaimed autonomous republic in Azerbaijan that lasted from June to August 1993.

Talysh prople speak the Talysh language, one of the Northwestern Iranian languages. It is spoken in the northern regions of the Iranian provinces of Gilan and Ardabil and the southern parts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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