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PanARMENIAN.Net - The Zaman Turkish newspaper has published an article on the issues of the building and prospects of using Iran-Armenia gas export pipeline. According to the data in the article, the gas pipeline project was worked out in 1992, the agreement on its building being signed in 1995. The pipeline is expected to begin operation in the beginning of the next year. The length of the Iranian part of the pipeline is 100km, the Armenian - 41km. The estimated cost of the project makes $220 million. Article author Ferket Ortan, who is international political correspondent says that after the realization of the project the energy and economic balance in the region that is close to Turkey can change. There is also a project of extending the gas pipeline till Supsa Georgian port, then to Feodosia Ukrainian city along the ground of the Black Sea and transiting to the European countries via Ukraine. Ukraine and the EU are highly interested in diversification of gas sources and actively support the project. Russia naturally is against the project of extension of the gas pipeline. The author noted that «the realization of the project will result in approach of its participants (Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine) with the EU and changing the balance in the region, where Turkey is also situated. It is an important circumstance and it is desirable for Turkey to know it beforehand,» Iran. ru reported.
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