Former U.S. Senator recalls how an Armenian soldier saved his life

Former U.S. Senator recalls how an Armenian soldier saved his life

PanARMENIAN.Net - An Armenian soldier once saved the life of former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, the lawmaker himself recalled at a meeting with visiting Armenian members of parliament in Washington, D.C., the Voice of America reports.

According to the Senator, the incident occurred years ago when Kirk visited Armenia as an employee of the Congress and was taken to the contact line (in Nagorno Karabakh - Ed.) to observe the situation there.

They were in the trench and were looking towards the Azerbaijani positions, he said.

The Senator then raised his head above the trench by mistake but the Armenian soldier managed to pull him and dodge an Azerbaijani bullet.

“The Armenian soldier saved my life,” Kirk said, adding that the incident taught him a lesson to never raise his head above the trench.

Also, the Senator said that history has been unfair to the Armenian people, and that it is necessary to restore historical justice first and foremost by recognizing the Genocide.

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