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Rural Armenian school receives 10 new computers

Rural Armenian school receives 10 new computers

PanARMENIAN.Net - The village of Amasia in Armenia's Shirak province is known for its severe and long-lasting winters. The settlement that shares borders with Turkey in the West and Georgia in the North, becomes isolated from the world for months because of heavy snowfall and blizzards. The village life friezes as well, leaving community residents with no occupation in that period.

180 students attend the village school. The teachers do their best to develop critical and analytical thinking in children. As the roads are often closed, the children do not have the opportunity to visit the village library or the one Gyumri to get books. The only way of connecting with the world and getting up-to-date information is the internet.

That is why the informatics classroom of the school has been replenished with ten new computers, giving the kids an opportunity to study the subject more deeply. According to teacher Anush Aghayan, lessons have become more efficient and may serve the children as a foundation for advanced learning.

“The practical measures taken towards improving the educational process have had a positive outcome: the children are now more interested in the subject and show better results. The gift was a true surprise for us. He who appreciates the importance of education, deserves utmost respect,” noted principle of the school Karine Hartenyan.

Amasia middle school received 10 new computers owing to the personal donation of VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

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