Six year long war in 4 East Ghouta suburbs in Syria ends

Six year long war in 4 East Ghouta suburbs in Syria ends

PanARMENIAN.Net - For years, the battle in the Jobar suburb of the East Ghouta has been one of the bloodiest battles in Syria, .

The Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard and their allies from the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) and National Defense Forces (NDF) had repeatedly tried to retake Jobar, but all attempts would ultimately fail, as the Islamist militants were deeply embedded in this East Ghouta suburb.

The battle for Jobar would be costly, as a large number of military personnel and equipment were lost during the countless offensives to seize this suburb from the militant forces.

However, as of Friday, March 23, it appears that the long battle for Jobar and its neighboring suburbs is finally over after an agreement was put in place with the primary militant groups there, Al-Masdar News says.

According to a military report from Damascus, the Syrian army and Faylaq Al-Rahman have agreed to peace terms in four East Ghouta suburbs, with the latter agreeing to leave to Idlib.

Based on the agreement, Faylaq Al-Rahman will surrender all of their weapons, except for their small arms; they will release all Syrian Army prisoners from their jails; they will inform the government of all explosives they placed around the suburbs of Zamalka, Jobar, ‘Ayn Tarma, and Arbin; and agree to exit these suburbs on Saturday.

The militants are now scheduled to leave these four East Ghouta suburbs by noon on Saturday.

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