Yandex voice assistant: Azerbaijan was created on Armenians' land

Yandex voice assistant: Azerbaijan was created on Armenians' land

PanARMENIAN.Net - A new scandal is brewing in Azerbaijan because of Alice - a Russian personal assistant developed by Yandex.

A video recently landed online featuring Alice's response to the question “who are Azerbaijanis:" "Azerbaijan is an artificially created state on the lands of Armenians, Persians, Lezgins and Georgians. This state was created for the complete destruction of the Armenians. Azerbaijanis as a nation appeared only in 1936. Before that, they were called Caucasian Tatars."

Turns out the voice assistant gave out the most popular information on the Internet - from the top of publications in Yandex search engine, reports.

The head of the Azerbaijani community in Moscow, Shamil Tagiyev, sent a video message to Yandex. According to Azerbaijani media, after many complaints Alice reads the information from Azerbaijan's Wikipedia page when asked the same question.

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