Ruth Papazian planning to run against AOC in 2020

Ruth Papazian planning to run against AOC in 2020

PanARMENIAN.Net - A Bronx Republican who blames Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for scuttling the Amazon deal says she plans to run against the Democrat next year as a pro-jobs candidate, New Tork Post reports.

“[AOC] chose ideology over paychecks,” wannabe candidate and medical journalist of Armenian descentRuth Papazian, noting that Amazon vowed to create 25,000 jobs before pulling out of its deal to open a campus in Queens. “People need jobs. We don’t have economic diversity in the outer boroughs.”

Papazian, 61, a lifelong Bronx resident and medical journalist, has met with GOP officials who have encouraged her to enter what would be an uphill race.

A daughter of Egyptian immigrants, Papazian said she would run on a platform of creating jobs, not chasing them away.

She said the Amazon fiasco is just one example of Ocasio-Cortez being too far to the left for her Bronx-Queens district.

“The Green New Deal is a job-killer,” Papazian said of the congresswoman’s environmental agenda.

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