Israeli attacks hit most targets in Aleppo: report

Israeli attacks hit most targets in Aleppo: report

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Israeli Air Force launched a massive attack on the Aleppo Governorate earlier this week, striking several sites inside and around the provincial capital.

Using the cover of night, the Israeli Air Force was able to inflict heavy damage on its intended targets, while also evading the Syrian air defenses.

According to a Syrian military source in Aleppo, the Israeli Air Force struck both Syrian and Iranian military targets at the Sheikh Najjar District, Nayrab Airbase, and Aleppo International Airport.

Despite shooting down many projectiles during the attack, the Syrian air defense forces were unable to prevent some of the Israeli missiles from hitting these sites in Aleppo.

The source said the Israeli Air Force hit their intended targets, which caused several explosions that could be heard throughout the Aleppo Governorate, Al-Masdar News says.

While the Israeli Air Force’s route to Aleppo is still not known, the source said the Syrian air defense units were unable to track the missiles until they began to hit Aleppo.

Israel has now launched two major attacks on Syria’s Aleppo Governorate since 2018; they had previously not conducted such strikes this far north.

The previous Israeli attack was believed to have been carried out by an F-35 stealth jet; however, it is still not clear they used during this attack on Tuesday evening.

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