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Study reveals benefits of listening to music while studying

Study reveals benefits of listening to music while studying

PanARMENIAN.Net - With so many genres of music out there to help with your study flow, finding one that suits your pace shouldn’t take long.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a new study revealed the enjoyment people feel when listening to music has serious science behind it.

For the study author Laura Ferreri, “The study shows for the first time a causal role of dopamine in musical pleasure and motivation: enjoying a piece of music, deriving pleasure from it, wanting to listen to it again, being willing to spend money for it, strongly depend on the dopamine released in our synapses.”

Demonstrating that music does have a feel-good factor also hints to the possibilities of why students love to listen to it while studying, Study International reports.

Apart from the intrinsic link between melodies and dopamine, what are the other benefits of listening to music while studying?

On YouTube, there are plenty of live playlists that promote music to listen to while studying.

For instance, the lofi hip hop radio-chill/study beats live stream channel. Through these types of live videos, you can see how many other people are watching and even converse with them through the chatbox sidebar.

Through these interactive functions, students who usually partake in lonely study sessions can sense some virtual unity.

Studying doesn’t have to feel like a state of isolation. Instead, students from all over the world can go online and listen to the same relaxing study beats as each other.

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