Possible link between sugary drinks and cancer found in new study

Possible link between sugary drinks and cancer found in new study

PanARMENIAN.Net - People who drink a lot of sugary drinks have a high risk of developing cancer, researchers announced last week. However, the evidence cannot yet establish a direct connection between the two, The Voice of American reports.

The researchers said the findings of a large study in France suggest that limiting the amount of sugar-sweetened drinks may help reduce the number of cancer cases.

Drinking sugary drinks has become more common worldwide in the last several decades. Sugar drinks are linked to obesity – the condition of being extremely overweight -- which increases a person’s cancer risk.

The study was published in the BMJ British medical journal. It looked at data from just over 100,000 French adults – 21 percent of them men and 79 percent women. The researchers noted how many sugary drinks each of them had, and followed them for up to nine years -- between 2009 and 2018. The researchers measured their risk for all types of cancer, and some individual ones such as breast, colon and prostate cancers.

The researchers adjusted for other possible cancer risks in each individual, including age, sex, educational level, family history, smoking and physical activity levels.

The scientists found that a 100 milliliters increase in sugary drinks was linked to an 18 percent increased risk of overall cancer and a 22 percent increased risk of breast cancer.

The researchers looked at those who drank fruity juices and those who drank other sweet drinks. Both groups, they found, showed a higher risk of cancer overall.

For prostate and colorectal cancers, no link was found. The researchers said this might have been because there was only a limited number of cases of these cancers in the study group.

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