Historian compares Turkey's invasion of Syria in 2019 and Armenia in 1920

Historian compares Turkey's invasion of Syria in 2019 and Armenia in 1920

PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkish historian Mehmet Perinçek has drawn parallels between the current Turkish invasion of Syria and the Turkish-Bolshevik invasion of independent Armenia in 1920.

"The Turkish operation forced PYD (Democratic Union Party -Ed) to surrender to Damascus," the historian said in a tweet, adding that the same thing happened to Armenia.

"The Red Army from the north, the Turkish army from the south cornered Dashnak Armenia. When the Turks approached, the Dashnaks surrendered to the Soviets.

"The British Dashnak project collapsed."

"When the British left the Dashnaks, the only way out was to agree to the entry of the Red Army into Yerevan," Perinçek said in another tweet.

"They wanted to push the Turkish army against the Red Army. Ankara and Moscow did not get involved in this game. The plan is the same now. Success favors the Astana process. Only this should not lead to conflict in Turkey and Syria."

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