Armenia could start using cell phone data to track Covid-19 outbreak

Armenia could start using cell phone data to track Covid-19 outbreak

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Armenian National Assembly will on Monday, March 30 discuss a move to allow authorities to monitor the movement of patients with coronavirus and those in isolation via mobile phones, and thus identify their contacts more easily.

Using location data from cell phones, the government hopes to better track and respond to the COVID-19 epidemic across the country.

If amendments are approved by the parliament, operators will have to provide information on the customers’ location, and the start, end and possible forwarding (not the contents) of their calls, to the authorities.

Information on patients and their contacts, including confidential medical information, may be provided too.

Personal data gathered in the process will not be recorded, decoded, stored or otherwise controlled and will be destroyed once the state of emergency is over.

The information may be disclosed to third persons to predict and monitor the possible and current scope of movement and contacts, the possible directions spread of the epidemic, to limit the spread of the disease, to control the restriction on movement.

By the way, you won’t be able to leave the device at home and go for a walk as those with mobility restrictions will have to use electronic communication devices and follow certain procedures.

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