ANC leader: Orinats Yerkir’s Artur Baghdasaryan called “corruptible”

ANC leader: Orinats Yerkir’s Artur Baghdasaryan called “corruptible”

PanARMENIAN.Net - The leader of Armenian National Congress (ANC) opposition bloc said he never called ex-president Robert Kocharian a Tatar for "fear of offending the nation who played a key role in world history".

As Levon Ter-Petrossian explained, he merely alluded to the fact that Armenian leadership-created economic system was similar to that of Tatar Khanates.

The ANC leader denied ever calling Orinats Yerkir opposition party leader Artur Baghdasaryan a traitor, noting that the 2nd president Robert Kocharian was the one to call him that.

However, Ter-Petriossian remarked, even the U.S. charge d’affairs for Armenia mentioned Baghdasaryan as corruptible back in 2008.

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