Azerbaijani media still trying to justify their defeat

Azerbaijani media still trying to justify their defeat

The best thing Azerbaijani journalists can do is to accept the reality and think over their unworthy behavior.

Azerbaijani media representatives do not give up attempts to justify their defeat at the 17th exhibition festival of press and news agencies in Tehran.

PanARMENIAN.Net - It’s extremely interesting to watch desperate and inconsequent efforts to authorize the barbarian methods of problem resolution they inherited from nomad predecessors.

Azerbaijani journalists do not break off the habit of laying the blame at someone else's doorstep. They seem to have forgotten about their own threats to boycott the exhibition in case the photograph of We and Our Mountains Armenian monument is stuck back to the Armenian stand and slammed the decision of the Armenian delegation to quit participation in the event as “stupid”.

Although it’s obvious that should the photograph be returned to its place, the Azerbaijani delegation would not cease its participation in “such an internationally important event, where media representatives from over 50 countries gather” [quotation from Azeri media reports]. As for Turkish delegation, they would hardly spoil relations with their Iranian colleagues because of “younger brothers and sisters.”

Accusations of some Azeri media that the “Armenian journalists are scared to enter in competition with their Azerbaijani colleagues, who achieved progress in dismissing Armenian propaganda lies” are ridiculous.

Competition implies civilized manners to resolve problems, which still remains unknown for our “neighbors.” A question arouses: can men’s aggressive attacks at two young girls representing Armenia at the exhibition be described as civilized? Or can the offences of Azerbaijani female journalists whose voice range can be compared to that of boisterous women be called a well-bred speech? Certainly NO!

Moreover, competition can hardly suggest tearing off the Armenian map from the stand.

Delayed attempts to justify such unworthy behavior will have no result. Azerbaijani journalists could not suppose that Yekaterina Poghosyan and Hasmik Harutyunyan were not easily frightened and did not surrender either to numerical superiority of Azeris or their boorishness.

So, the best thing Azerbaijani journalists can do is to accept the reality and think over their behavior.

A photograph of Artsakh’s symbol - We and Our Mountains memorial - which was featured in the Armenian pavilion at the 17th media exhibition in Tehran, where Armenia is represented by PanARMENIAN.Net news agency and Azg newspaper, aroused indignation of the Azerbaijani delegation. While the correspondents from PanARMENIAN.Net and Azg were preparing their pavilion for opening, the Azerbaijanis were closely following the action. After the map of Armenia and Artsakh Republic was stuck to the stand, they first demanded that the map and the image of the monument should be removed but then, without waiting for any decision by the exhibition management, one of them burst into the pavilion and tore away the map. It’s also worth mentioning that the Azerbaijanis called the Turkish delegation to protect their interests. Attempts to draw the infuriated Azerbaijani aside attracted attention of a dozen of foreign attendees.

The next morning the Armenian journalists saw that the photograph of the monument was removed from the stand.

The event organizers stated that the photograph of the monument will be returned to its place, while the Azerbaijanis were warned to stay away from the Armenian pavilion. However, the promise was not kept.

As a result, the Armenian delegation took the decision to boycott the exhibition, issuing the following statement of explanation: “Dear colleagues, we, the correspondents of PanARMENIAN.Net news agency and Azg newspaper, representing Armenia at the exhibition festival of press and information agencies, apologize for ceasing our participation over the unsatisfactory organization of the event, during which media freedom is being infringed and limitations are imposed on materials providing information about our country. We express our indignation at the fact that the exhibition organizers disallow placement of We and Our Mountains monument image on our stand, thus yielding to provocative acts of the Azerbaijani delegation, which used the event to push on anti-Armenian propaganda and claims to the historical Armenian land, Artsakh. With the exhibition organizers failing to keep their promise and return the photograph of the monument to the Armenian pavilion as well as to ensure security of the Armenian delegation, we consider our further participation in the event to be impossible.”

Thanks to assistance of Armenian Ambassador to Tehran Grigor Arakelyan, the Armenian journalists will come back to Yerevan on the night of October 30, several days prior to the scheduled date of return.

Marina Ananikyan / PanARMENIAN News
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