Yurko Gutsulyak:

Good advertisement is a surprise

PanARMENIAN.Net - One of the prominent representatives of advertising design in Ukraine, Yurko Gutsulyak, believes advertisement to be an art. A laureate of Epica Awards, European Design Awards, Golden Drum, Communications Arts, ADI Awards and HOW, he gained popularity thanks to his Matches calendar. On the sidelines of POPOK Advertising Festival, Gutsulyak will give a master class on logotypes as the most important component of a brand.
How should a good advertisement look like?
Tendencies can be dictated only by countries which possess broad experience of uninterrupted cultural development. Almost all European countries have their own style of visual perception and do not need copying anything from the others. The more I deepen into graphic design the better I feel national peculiarities. I can't explain each difference but can often guess which country the ad was made in.

Matches calendar has become you visit card. Which works, in your opinion, reveal you style most of all?
It's difficult to answer, as I do not realize my style. Actually, I do not like designers and ad men who have a style, although they are predictable for clients and can sell their products easier. I am always in search of solutions to make my projects original. The only thing that is common for my products is the exact idea and detailed analysis.

Which are the main obstacles to development of advertising industry in the post soviet states?
The main problem is the absence of proper competition and the small number of manufacturers. Many clients are not interested in high-quality advertisement, as they don't need it or do not realize its real value.

Social advertising will have a special place during POPOK festival. Does this field represent any interest to you?
Any field become interesting if the work is done sincerely. Appropriate social advertisement is an indicator of healthy society. Unfortunately, this field is often used for a self-advertisement, thus diminishing its importance.

Walnut symbolizes the first ever advertising festival held in Yerevan. What do you think about its core?
A question arouses: are you going to change the symbol next year? Walnut is a very positive image which can be played up in many ways. I fancy a walnut as ripe and delicious. Besides, Latin transliteration of Armenian POPOK is very attractive. So, I am confident that the symbol was a right choice.

What will be the name of your master class in Yerevan.
I called it LogoTales to talk about logotypes as the most important component of the brand. I will try to maximally present the process of logotype development from the idea up to its final variant. This master class will be interesting for art directors, managers, market specialists and, of course, clients.

Gayane Mirzoyan / PanARMENIAN News