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Mikhail Alexandrov: Armenia has to choose between economic blockade and Genocide recognition

PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkish President Abdullah Gul's visit to Armenia will promote reconciliation between the two countries, a Russian expert said.

"Armenia faced isolation owing to Saakashvili's irresponsible behavior. Presently, it needs to re-build relations with Turkey and uninterrupted corridor for cargo transportation," Mikhail Alexandrov, Caucasus expert at the Institute of CIS Studies, told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

"Russia welcomes the meeting between the Presidents of Armenia and Turkey. Russian Railways (RZD), which will operate the Armenian Railway for 30 years, is interested in restoration of Kars-Gyumri line and opening of the Armenian-Turkish border," he said. "Unfortunately, two major questions still remain unsettled. Turkey urges Armenia to give up its policy calling for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide and to withdraw its forces from 7 regions surrounding Nagorno Karabakh. I think a mutually acceptable variant is possible. Armenia doesn't renounce the Genocide but stops the worldwide recognition campaign. For its part, Turkey doesn't insist on withdrawal of Armenian troops."

Armenia has to choose between economic blockade and Genocide recognition, according to him.

"The West, which continues to supply Saakashvili with weapons and push Georgia towards NATO, is the major destabilizing factor in the Caucasus. If Turkey, as member state of the Alliance, blocks Georgia's admission, then it will be possible to hold a serious talk on its Caucasus Stability and Cooperation Platform," Alexandrov resumed.
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