Russian expert: crisis is a moment of truth for CIS

PanARMENIAN.Net - In the frames of the anti-crisis program, Armenia has focused on the implementation of infra-structure projects and micro-enterprise development, Russian expert, Director of FBK's Strategic analysis department Igor Nikolaev said during Yerevan-Moscow video bridge on "CIS: Experiencing Economic Crisis". The crisis, according him has a systematic character. "When the problem is systemic, it is necessary to combat it in a systemic manner," he said.

As noted by the expert, the worst GDP indices on CIS territory were registered in Ukraine and Moldova which didn't implement anti-crisis programs, whereas Belarus and Ukraine were not included in the general program at all, because their anti-crisis projects are closed and not available for research.

Russia doesn't have positive results either, Nikolaev said. "Russia is the centre of CIS. And if we don't want to lose that CIS, we should keep in mind that having a strong centre is the best guarantee for maintenance. In that context, Russian economy's success and failures apply to the entire commonwealth, not only to Russia," Russian expert said. That's why, crisis is a moment of truth for CIS, he added.
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