ARARAT Single Cask: The shortest path from the cask to the glass

ARARAT Single Cask: The shortest path from the cask to the glass

PanARMENIAN.Net - In the year of the 130th anniversary of the Armenian brandy production and the very eve of a new age in history, Yerevan Brandy Company presents a new unique product- ARARAT Single Cask issued in limited quantities and individually hand numbered bottles.

The new drink made exclusively from the premium spirits of Yerevan Brandy Company and aged in the unique climate conditions of Tavush province (Armenia) is a result of creative quest. Symbolically released at the 130th anniversary of the Armenian brandy production ARARAT Single Cask is an absolute innovation and a sign of crossed new historical milestone and future that demands to be open and ready for modern solutions.

ARARAT Single Cask is a limited product of Yerevan Brandy Company with 57% abv, produced solely from the grapes of Tavush province, northeast of Armenia, famous for its cool climate and crystal clear air giving spirits an exceptional elegance and unique organoleptic characteristics worthy of enjoyment in its pure form.

The process of double distillation and aging in one barrel without further blending turns the Single Cask into a more complete and primeval reflection of the region's terroir. Special conditions of aging in the underground cellar ensure the unique delicacy and versatility of spirits.

ARARAT Single Cask is the only product from the entire ARARAT range that skips the stage of chill filtration providing the opportunity to preserve more notes of taste, flavor and emphasizes the authenticity of the drink.

ARARAT Single Cask is distinguished by its unique color, which the expert panel named "the color of chilly Armenian sunset of the fall". It has a strong, voluminous, multifaceted and rich taste. The character of the drink is manifested in deep woody and smoky notes with a soft hint of vanilla and spicy cinnamon.

Only three barrels were selected for the limited edition of ARARAT Single Cask. Each bottle of the innovative series bears a unique handwritten number traced out by a specially invited calligrapher indicating the barrel where the alcohol was kept.

The quintessence of the new product of YBC embodies the luxury of minimalism and the craft concept which finds its reflection through the modern wooden packaging. The composition of the labels frames the bottle with the iconic outline of mount Ararat and emphasizes the luxurious color of the drink.

Throughout the entire history of brandy production Armenian masters found the courage to push boundaries of creativity and come up with avant-garde solutions soon to become rules. At the beginning of the last century, Mkrtych Musinyants created the first vintage brandy determining the legendary future of the Armenian brandies. A few decades later, in the middle of the 20th century, the patriarch of Armenian brandy production Markar Sedrakyan proposed a revolutionary idea to add «live water» instead of distilled one. The idea, which was innovative back then later became the golden rule of the Armenian brandy production. ARARAT Single Cask is a harmonious continuation of innovations of ARARAT, offering a brand new drink to those who value exquisiteness, which metaphorically can be called a "canvas of a single brushstroke" made with the technique of the shortest way from a cask to a glass.

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