Remote Armenian village gets new street lighting system

Remote Armenian village gets new street lighting system

PanARMENIAN.Net - For more than 27 years after the collapse of the USSR, outdoor lighting in Hermon, a village in Armenia's Vayots Dzor province, remained unsolved. Over the course of time, the infrastructure wore out and deteriorated. In summertime in the afternoons the absence of light was somewhat tolerable, whereas in other times of the year it was a real problem. Along with shortening of the daytime, the hope of bringing about any initiative in the village vanishes, as do day-to-day activities. All activities in the village were adapted to daylight – even the workhours of the grocery stores.

In 2018, Hermon was included in the “Eco village network development in Armenia” project. Constrcution works were done early in autumn. By the end of the year the problem was solved due to the cooperation of VivaCell-MTS and FPWC. Energy efficient lighting system including some 33 LED lights was installed. Over 1-km-long section of the main streets of the village has been illuminated. The 2019 was welcomed with lightened streets.

“We need proper conditions to keep villagers in the village. Development of infrastructures is the minimum we need to do to provide those conditions. People who are in the focus of attention are more confident, more creative, and are able to overcome hardships. I believe the lighting system in the streets of the village will bring other changes, too. People will not be forced to go to a store or to a doctor during the daytime alone. Optimism about life is crucial to achieve more. We do our best to achieve this,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

The installation of energy-efficient lighting in villages rich in biodiversity is another important step of creating eco village network. The project allows the villages to integrate in the process, encompassing four components of sustainability: environment, economics, culture, and social issues.

The introduction of energy efficient technologies reduces financial expenses of the community, makes the community life more vibrant, and contributes to a sustainable and clean environment.

Compared to regular bulbs, LED lights are more energy-efficient and durable, and can serve for a much longer period consuming 80% less electivity.

The streets of the village will be illuminated from 21:00 till 02:00 in summer, and from 18:00 till 01:00 in winter. During holidays, illumination will be provided all night long.

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