Ryanair unveils Armenia’s culture, fine cuisine to flyers worldwide

Ryanair unveils Armenia’s culture, fine cuisine to flyers worldwide

PanARMENIAN.Net - Budget carrier Ryanair has unveiled Armenia’s culture, fine cuisine and fascinating history in a new article, claiming that the country’s capital is quickly becoming one of Europe's must-see destinations.

“Walking through the lamplit streets of Armenia’s enchanting capital, the first thing that strikes you is the city’s unique colours. Buildings covered in bright pink and dusty brown melt together as you mosey around, a fitting contrast of old and new. Nicknamed “The Pink City”, shops and café’s left and right are made from ancient volcanic stone that gives Yerevan an intriguing glow,” the carrier says.

“Armenia is a growing tourist hot spot that has something for everyone (families, solo travelers, college students, adventure seekers), with its historic sites, exciting culture, extreme sports and thriving nightlife.”

Matenadaran, the Republic Square, the famous 572-step Cascade, History Museum of Armenia, and Cafesjian Center for the Arts are just some of the spots that the airline’s experts recommend visiting in Yerevan.

They say they couldn’t help but admire how modern Yerevan has become in recent years: “Shiny new five-star hotels, high-end shopping outlets and trendy bars and jazz clubs are interspersed with history museums, arts centres and textile boutiques selling traditional Armenian dresses and garments. Tradition and modernity mixed into one.

“Almost 2 million tourists visited Armenia last year alone and it’s clear to see why after seeing its enchanting capital up close and personal. For years overlooked as a holiday destination, Yerevan is finally emerging as one of the most exciting cities for European travelers to come and see.

“Safe, entertaining, modestly priced and packed with lively nightlife, historical sites, a hip café culture and proud ancient traditions, Yerevan is realising its full potential as one of the world’s emerging, modern city breaks.”

Ryanair launched operation in Armenia with flights from Yerevan to Rome and Milan in January. Later in the year, the carrier will also be flying to Berlin and Thessaloniki, as well as to Athens and Memmingen (Germany) from the northern city of Gyumri.

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