TNC intends to use Gadaffi’s money for Libya rehabilitation

TNC intends to use Gadaffi’s money for Libya rehabilitation

PanARMENIAN.Net - From the tribune of the 66th regular session of the General Assembly, UN, head of Libya'sTransitional National Council (TNC) Mahmoud Jibril called on world community to freeze the assets of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, to use them for the country’s post-war rehabilitation and development.

“Today I stand before you, excellencies, to show the world that a new Libya is coming to life," Jibril said. "Libya that looks forward; Libya that has a view to redevelop itself; Libya that wants to heal its wounds; Libya that wants to overcome its pain, to reach out to the entire world. It wants to rebuild itself, to reform its history,” he said.

Jibril said his nation has too many citizens living in poverty, there is high unemployment and very poor healthcare and education. He called several times for the United Nations Security Council to unfreeze the country’s assets so it can pay for development.

“The asset freeze on our funds must be lifted as urgently as possible. Let me appeal to you from this rostrum: let the Security Council soon take the historic resolution to lift the freeze. The regime has fallen even though we have not liberated the entire homeland yet,” he said.

The Security Council has taken steps toward lifting the freeze on some Libyan banks and corporations unfreezing more than $16 billion so far, but has not lifted all the sanctions.

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