Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan:

Adoption of Karabakh resolution in UN GA could be prevented

PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenia is again in focus of the international community. The March 1 disorders provoked by the radical opposition and imposition of the emergency rule badly damaged the country's international image. Processes concerning Armenia and its neighbors directly or indirectly, these being missile defense shield installation in Turkey, adoption of Azerbaijan-initiated resolution on Karabakh in the UN General Assembly. Political scientist Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan comments on the situation to PanARMENIAN.Net.
The U.S. intends to install a missile defense shield in Turkey. Defense Secretary Robert Gates promised Turkey $1 billion. Can this move affect Armenia?

Installation of U.S. missile defense shield in Turkey should first of all trouble Russia, Iran and China… Opposition between Armenia and Turkey is ideological by nature. It's quite another matter, that the facilities will be placed near the Armenian border.

It's no doubt that any U.S. defense shield will immediately become the target of Russian missiles. It is a vital retaliation for Russia. It's not pleasant but I do not think that possible shift in the U.S.-Russia face-off can affect Armenia's security.

Conservatives won the parliamentary election in Iran. Do you think the Armenian-Iranian relations could undergo any changes in case of Reformers' victory?

Iran is a country with developed political traditions. The political vector in such countries depends on the national mentality and presence of negative or positive complementarity towards a foreign partner but not on politicians.

Proceeding from this, we can be sure that irrespective of the party-winner Tehran's attitude to the Armenian states will not undergo serious changes. Our neighborly relations outlived not only centuries but also states which emerged in our region from time to time.

Can Armenia's domestic situation affect the Karabakh settlement process?

It's impossible to give a definite answer. Much depends on the capability of the authorities to neutralize the consequences of the post-election passions. If there is no civil consent and riots end in bloodshed, the country can't pretend to serious international authority. On the other hand, operative and drastic measures taken by the government can not only demonstrate the state's efficiency but also help to smooth away the consequences of the recent disorders.

How would you comment on adoption of the resolution on Nagorno Karabakh in the UN GA?

The UN resolution is undoubtedly the result of insufficient work of the Armenian diplomatic corps. It's easy to judge but, anyway, work should be done properly. Given the opinion of the OSCE MG co-chair states, adoption of the resolution could be prevented. Being a recommendation, it carries a moral message. Encouraged by dubious success, Azerbaijan will put forth this or similar declarations during further UN session. However, we still have time to correct mistakes.