If Turkey recognizes Armenian Genocide it will cease to exist as a state

PanARMENIAN.Net - The problem of recognizing the Armenian Genocide is within Turkey himself, in the Turkish society. If this country recognizes the Armenian Genocide it will cease to exists as a state, Chairman of the European Armenian Federation Hilda Tchoboyan told at the interview to PanARMENIAN.Net She said, the whole world will look at Turkey as a state, which committed a genocide and which is a threat for neighboring countries and first of all for Armenia. "Much is talked about that the current Turkish authorities are not responsible for what happened at the beginning of the 20th century, that the Armenian Genocide must be left for historians to discuss. But it is a wrong viewpoint. The "Hay Dat" Committees are sure that modern Turkey is the successor of the Ottoman Empire since the closest circle of republic's founder Kemal Atatürk were those who are guilty in extermination of the Armenian nation. And exactly for this Turkey is responsible for the Genocide. In fact, Turkey's policy towards national minorities is unchangeable over 200 years," she stressed.

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