Policy of double standards may yield to the policy of Islamic majority

Policy of the Turkish Foreign Ministry – “null problems with neighbors” – leads to an increasing number of local conflicts that could degenerate into a massive confrontation.

The Israeli-Turkish relations are deteriorating further, despite the far-fetched cause. If the problem is only the unblocking of Gaza, the border was also closed by Egypt, which, by the way, opened it after the meeting of Hosni Mubarak with US Vice-President Joe Biden. Besides, Turkey cannot stage a provocation alongshore Egypt. Firstly because of the Islamic solidarity that manifests itself quite peculiarly and selectively, and secondly because it's more trouble than it is worth: Erdogan is a brave man, but to a certain point, i.e. until he is sure his actions are good for Turkey. Otherwise he stops and bargains for the best possible conditions. This practice is not new – the same policy was pursued by the Ottoman Empire, which turned everything (even its own failures) to its profit.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Most likely, Turkey will increase pressure on Israel during the two-day Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA), held in Istanbul. The Turkish government has already declared it will cut military and economic deals with Israel if the latter does not apologize for the last week’s commando raid on a flotilla of ships. CICA is believed to be the Asian equivalent of the OSCE. The conference is attended by the Russian, Iranian, Syrian, Pakistani and Afghan heads of state. A diplomat from the consulate in Istanbul will represent Israel in the conference.

So what actually happened? Was it sincere sympathy for the Palestinians in blockage or just another plan of the Turks to revive the former Ottoman greatness? As we have already mentioned, the policy of double standards may yield to the policy of Islamic majority. The flotilla Free Gaza was allegedly carrying 10.000 tons of humanitarian aid cargo. But in fact Israel supplies Gaza with 15.000 tons of food and medicines every week.

According to a number of regional experts, the territory of Turkey is a major transit route for heroin from Southwest Asia to Western Europe. Organizations involved in trafficking and functioning throughout the country from Ankara to Istanbul, have done a good job in evading drug prohibition. Perhaps the reason lies here and not in the infamous Islamic solidarity which Turkey has never stood out with.

But in this whole story there is one fact, unpleasant for Armenians. It is the gambling on the Armenian Genocide, which Israel does not recognize, but has persistently been trying to play this particular card with Ankara lately. Naturally, the card will be played at a necessary level. Turkey and Israel will confine themselves to diplomatic barbs and to statements issued by sometimes too impulsive Prime Minister. The Armenian Genocide will crop up on the agenda of the Knesset at every convenient moment and that will be the end of it. Armenians simply have to acknowledge the simple truth that neither Turkey nor Israel, nor their allies will ever recognize the responsibility of the Ottoman Empire for this crime.

Meanwhile, Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Palestine, Ahmet Davutoglu and Riyad al-Maliki signed an agreement on establishing a joint Turkish-Palestinian committee to draw cooperation in the fields of politics, economy, education, health, science and culture. The agreement was concluded after the meeting between Turkish President Abdullah Gül and Head of the Palestinian State Mahmoud Abbas in Istanbul. The committee which will be co-chaired by the foreign ministers of the two countries is foreseen to convene at least twice every year, in order to determine areas of cooperation and lay down action plans.

In this whole story there appeared another trend, which has become a norm for most of the international organizations - namely, the use of “double standards”. Israel and Armenia are constantly faced with this problem, and have somehow got used to the Islamic majority in the UN and Europe to vote against these two countries. Unfortunately, calling Hamas or “Hezbollah” democratic states is the same nonsense as calling Western Europe a stronghold of totalitarianism. But, probably, it is advantageous for Europe or the USA, which, faced with the threat of dissolving in the ocean of Islam, is ready for anything just to preserve the remnants of Western civilization. But it should be kept in mind that the most powerful weapon of Islam is demographics. This is what one should beware of in the first place, and when Patrick Buchanan in his book “The Death of the West” writes that by the year of 2050 the world will be mostly Muslim, citing the data of population growth by country, one comes to the conclusion that the apocalyptic predictions may come true. And they are already under way. The thing is that Muslims form 20% of the world's population (1.6 billion) and this number is on the increase. So, very soon the policy of double standards will yield to the one and only policy of the Islamic majority.

Karine Ter-Sahakyan / PanARMENIAN News
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