Turkish Armenians threatened if they do not accept "official version" of what happened at the beginning of 20th century

PanARMENIAN.Net - A letter written in the Turkish language, sent at schools and to several Istanbul's Armenian institutions, of death threat the Armenians which would not conform "to the Turkish official version" of the facts concerning the Armenian Genocide. "Otherwise they will be regarded as accomplices and traitors, and will be eliminated," says the letter, which contains many spelling mistakes, independent French journalist Jean Eckiyan informed the PanARMENIAN.Net "Exclamations "We are all Armenians, we are all Hrant Dinks" are examples of extreme chauvinism and summons for revolution. Do not forget that except Armenian citizens of Turkey, there are also Armenians from Armenia on our land, and they count over 100 000. Both their addresses and their workplaces are well known. Henceforth we hope to see our Armenian citizens as advocates of the truth. The one which does not take a favorable position for this paradisiacal fatherland must be eliminated," says the letter. And finally it takes again a Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's formula, which says, "When it acts of the fatherland, the remainder is only one detail". This mail is signed by a certain Temel Malatyali.
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