Armenia one of world’s most ancient countries: Culture Trip

Armenia one of world’s most ancient countries: Culture Trip

PanARMENIAN.Net - Culture Trip, a startup exploring the world’s culture and creativity through innovative technology, has prepared an article about the nations and countries whose history dates back thousands of years.

Armenia is one of them, the platform says.

“Much like the Jewish people, Armenia is a nation known for its great diaspora,” the article says.

“Nonetheless, the Armenians have possessed a country for most of the last 2,600 years, with the first mentions of Armenia occurring in the 6th century BCE. Yerevan, now the capital of Armenia, was founded as far back as 782 BCE. The Armenians were also the first state to officially accept Christianity as a state religion in 301 CE.”

“Besides the diaspora, another unfortunate similarity that the Armenians share with the Jews was a genocide perpetrated against them at the hands of the Ottoman Empire,” the article says.

Other nations and countries mentioned on the platform are France, Greece, China, Portugal, Japan, Iran, San Marino, Ethiopia and Egypt.

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