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PanARMENIAN.Net - Yesterday the government of Swiss canton of Geneva passed a document recognizing the genocide of Armenians in 1915. The document states that the fact of Armenian genocide can not be denied and only the recognition of the truth will enable Armenians and Turks to resume normal relations.

"Geneva wishes there were peace between Armenians and Turkish people that would be based on the recognition of historic facts. The covering of the truth is harmful for the development of the relations between Armenians and Turks. This statement on the recognition of Genocide of Armenians is not directed against Turkey and there is nothing impeding Turkey's recognition of its past evil deeds as it was done by Germany with respect to Jewish people". It should be pointed out Geneva's parliament recognized the fact of the genocide of Armenian in 1998, June. It made the decision where was an appeal to federal leadership of Switzerland to express an exact position regarding the crime committed against Armenian people. In the document was emphasized that Geneva's lawmakers "are ready to work in order that the world community recognizes the deeds committed in Ottoman Turkey". Switzerland's Armenian community continues to make attempts in order that the issue of the genocide recognition becomes a topic of the federal parliament discussion. The decision made by the government of Geneva's canton will help in this undoubtedly.
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